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Collective Impact

Thanks to funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund for Norfolk & Norwich Festival’s Common Ground project, local young people were offered the opportunity to creatively interpret Ipswich Museum’s collections.

The task was to creatively use Ipswich Museum’s collections to make an online space which tells stories meaningful to young people. In partnership with Ipswich Museum, Story Makers Company delivered the project and Volunteering Matters provided participants from their Peer Action Collective. The project combined visual storytelling with live art making, in a process Story Makers call a ‘story weave’. During online workshops, the young people co-created ideas and concepts for their online space. Artist Hannah Aria also led in-person creative media workshops at the Museum, where young people explored collections in relation to youth violence, crime and oppression/voicelessness.

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the following partners:

Our Collective Impact Creators:

Abraham, Alisha, Annalise, Bernadette, Ellouise, Erin, Eyob, Frederico, Freya, Joshua, Isaac, Kye, Naomi, Nicole, Poppy, Robyn, Rose and Vi 

Story Makers Company – Lead artist organisation

Lisa Stephenson – Director

Ana Arede – Project Coordinator

Hannah Aria – Ipswich artist and workshop facilitator

Anna Dupont –  Young Community Heritage Artist

Tom Jordan, Interplay Theatre – Designer

Ipswich Museum – Lead Heritage partner

Melanie Hollis – Collections and Learning Curator

Eleanor Root – Collections and Learning Curator

Norfolk & Norwich Festival – Commissioning Organisation

Michael Corley – Head of Festival Bridge & Creative Engagement

Dougie Evans - Common Ground Manager

Lizzie Figura-Drane – Common Ground Officer

Leona Wilson – Common Ground Assistant

Volunteering Matters – Youth organisation

Amber Plumbly – Delivery Lead – East of England

Giulia Canolla – Engagement Manager

Lauren Bruen – Engagement Manager

Andraya Jennaway-Hume – Project Manager

Kieran Lyne – Project Manager

With special thanks to the Ipswich Art Society for allowing us to include some of their exhibition pieces in our reimagined museum spaces.

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